Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to common questions about the Reclaim® Botanical line.

Q. What special ingredients does Reclaim® Botanical contain, and how can they improve my skin?

A. Reclaim®'s Argireline® Molecular Complex is an exclusive combination of Argireline® and APT-GC—a naturally derived exfoliant. They are designed to work together to help diminish the appearance of visible fine lines and wrinkles and stimulate your skin's natural renewal process without irritation. Reclaim® Botanical also contains our proprietary Secretinol Complex, which is designed to help expunge dead skin cells, address skin tone and texture, visibly fade age spots and minimize the appearance of pores—plus Synant Peptide, an exclusive blend that temporarily plumps the appearance of the skin to help fade lines and firms the look of the facial silhouette.

Q. What are the advanced plant-based ingredients in Reclaim® Botanical, and how will they improve my skin?

A. All products in the Reclaim® Botanical line are rich in results-oriented ingredients derived from plants, flowers, fruits—even marine algae. For example, Vitanol PS, which comes from alfalfa, is known for retinol-like effects that can help brighten the skin. APT-GC-BP, exclusive to Principal Secret®, is a Hawaiian marine algae proven to provide gentle exfoliation to keep skin healthy and youthful-looking without redness or irritation. Bioskinup Contour 3R is a concentrated Brazilian botanical blend designed to help improve the appearance of hydration and firmness around the eye area. Eye Regener is a unique blend of Alfalfa and white Lupin designed to help reduce the appearance of skin slackening. And that's just a few! Combined with the smart science of Argireline® and Secretinol, these ingredients create the ultimate synergy of nature and technology.

Q. What about different skin types? Don't I need a special product if I have oily skin?

A. All skin types rely on moisture—even oily skin. By keeping skin hydrated, Reclaim® Botanical helps combat the effects of moisture loss—one of the primary signs of aging. All products are oil-free and ideal for all skin types.

Q. What results can I expect from the Reclaim® Botanical products?

A. Based on results from a 12 week clinical study:

  • 100% of the participants experienced an improvement in the appearance of laugh lines, fine lines and wrinkles.
  • 100% of the participants experienced an improvement in the overall appearance of age spots.
  • 100% of the participants experienced an improvement in the appearance of vertical frown lines.
  • 100% of the participants experienced an improvement in the appearance of skin elasticity and firmness.
  • 100% of the participants experienced an improvement in skin tone.
  • 100% of participants experienced an improvement in skin moisture around eye area.
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