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With ingredients: Argireline®, Synant Peptide™ and Secretinol™


Would You Prefer to Look 10 Years Younger? Or 10 Years Better?

With the botanically infused, nontoxic and scientifically proven Reclaim® Botanical collection of anti-aging skin care formulas, it's now possible. More than 10 years in the making, Reclaim® Botanical uses revolutionary Triple Fusion Technology to make skin look noticeabley smoother, brighter, supple and enriched. Triple Fusion Technology works in three important ways:

  • 1. Softens the appearance of expression lines, wrinkles and other signs of aging—using a combination of Argireline® Molecular Complex and powerful, unique botanicals.
  • 2. Exfoliates and resurfaces skin without irritation or dryness—thanks to Secretinol™ Complex, a botanically based alternative to Retinol that reduces the appearance of skin discoloration and age spots.
  • 3. Visibly firms, plumps and tightens skin to make skin appear younger—with exclusive Synant Peptide™ for optimum skin elasticity, hydration and increased radiance.

During the initial stage of a clinical study, 100% of the participants reported an immediate improvement in skin moisture after using Reclaim® Botanical for the first time. When you read the real story behind the creation of this superior skin care system, you'll realize that those kinds of results are no accident.

Get 20 Years of Certified Skin Care Expertise

You know that Victoria Principal is a beautiful actress, talented producer and published author. But did you know that, for over 20 years, she's led one of the best skin care companies in the world?

In 1989, Victoria Principal formed a company with the goal of finding an easy, affordable daily regimen for sensitive skin. Enlisting the help of leading skin care experts, she began to turn her vision into a reality. After two years of extensive research, testing and development, Principal Secret® was born.

Throughout the 1990s, Victoria and her team of experts worked tirelessly to stay on the cutting edge of skin care science. Never content to rest on her laurels, Victoria continued to expand the Principal Secret® horizon.

Expands the Horizons of Skin Care

In 1996, Victoria unveiled Color Principal®, a cosmetic line based on her "looks good, feels good, is good" philosophy. In 1998 came the launch of the Principal Secret® Advanced® product line, a skin care system created using the latest technology and a unique age-fighting blend of vitamins and antioxidants. Then, in 2000, Victoria became an esteemed member of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists.

Armed with her new knowledge, in 2003 Victoria debuted the Reclaim® line. This new system packed a powerful one-two punch to the visible signs of aging with HydraMoisture Technology to instantly hydrate the skin and Argireline® Molecular Complex to help diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

To further improve and work synergistically with the Reclaim® line, she debuted her Age Braker® 'benefit boosters,' which launched in 2006.

Always determined to stay ahead of the latest developments, she knew the Reclaim® line would lay the foundation for yet another anti-aging breakthrough...

Good for Skin, Good for Nature

During the past 10 years working in the public eye, Victoria noticed that more and more women were resorting to drastic measures to achieve younger-looking skin. She wanted to create a line that not only provided a safe alternative to such measures, but that also did not negatively impact another cause that is near and dear to her heart - the environment.

After researching, discovering and developing the best that nature and science had to offer, Reclaim® Botanical was born. This botanically-based, non-toxic, full spectrum anti-aging skin care system is designed to address signs of aging in a way that's gentle to the skin and thoughtful to the environment. That's why every product features:

  • Non-toxic systems
  • 100% biodegradable tray
  • 100% recycleable shipper
  • 80% recyclable containers

It's Time to Discover Reclaim® Botanical

It's time to reclaim youthful-looking skin.

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